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Our Story

​Such as the story of many restaurants' beginnings, Thai House's story begins with the love of food and the comfort it brings. The beauty of food is beyond enjoying a delicious, spicy curry with your friends. Food is the universal language that brings people of all cultures and history together, and Thai House is humbled to be a small part of this bigger-than-life phenomenon. 


In the Kitchen

The family recipes of Thai House were proudly passed down to Dang from her mother, who shares the same love for cooking and the magic food brings to the table. As many already know, Dang started out as the restaurant's one and only chef and continues to be today, with every recipe completely stored in her head. From well-known dishes such as Drunken Noodles and Red Curry to other popular dishes like Gai Himaparn (Cashew Chicken) and Mus-sa-man (curry), you are sure to find something you will love. There's enough variety to satisfy the whole family's taste buds.

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